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Imperial Palace

Cycling to Imperial Palace01, Tokyo Cycling to Imperial Palace02, Tokyo Cycling to Imperial Palace03, Tokyo Cycling to Imperial Palace04, Tokyo Cycling to Imperial Palace05, Tokyo Cycling to Imperial Palace06, Tokyo
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The Imperial Palace Official

1. Direction to PARKING AREA

From:  Current Your Location
To: Otemachi First PARKING AREA near Imperial Palace

* It is needed to turn on WiFi and Location. The Wifi feature is used to gather your location information, so even if you don't use mobile Wifi, please turn it on.
* Accessing from outside of Japan will not display the most appropriate or optimal routes.
* Google Maps cycling routes cannot be used in Japan; therefore, the car route is displayed.If you are within 0.5 - 1.0 km of your destination, try switching to the walking route as it may display a better route.

2. Direction to Imperial Palace

From: Otemachi First PARKING AREA
To: Imperial Palace

▼ Notes


Available : Bicycle parking is available at all hours.
Parking Fee : Till the first 2 hours, it is no charge and even the price of 10 hours is 100 yen. It is 100 yen per 5 hours after it.
Register this PA :
Please tap 'Register' button When you park your bicycle.
After this registration, You can go back to registered PA whenever you want.
Tap 'Go back to Registerd PA' button on the lower left of the screen.
*if this PARKING AREA is full, you can find 'Other PARKING AREA around This PA' below.

Other PARKING AREA around this PA

02 . Otemachi Second PARKING AREA(16m)
03 . Otemachi Third PARKING AREA(16m)
04 . Otemachi Underpass PARKING AREA(50m)
05 . Kajibashi PARKING AREA(805m)

* The above-mentioned distance means straight-distance from Otemachi First PARKING AREA

Within Walking Distance From Imperial Palace

» Tokyo Station(785m)

* The above-mentioned distance means straight-distance from Imperial Palace