About wearing helmets

In Japan, when riding with a child below six years old or when a child below three years old rides and controls a bicycle himself/herself, they are required to wear a helmet. Other than that, wearing a helmet is not compulsory. Thus, Tokyo gives the impression that there are comparatively fewer people who can be seen wearing helmets when riding bicycles.

As people who ride sports bicycles such as road bicycles are at a higher risk of being involved in accidents, there are many people who take the initiative to wear them, but even if they do not wear them, the police will not crack down on them.

For rental bicycles, as safety during overseas travels and insurance such as the following applies, and insurance can be quite hefty, we recommend wearing them.

Consolatory payment for injuries despite wearing a helmet
Injuries resulted in over 10 days of hospitalization or death.
Consolatory payment 100,000 yen

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