Where can I ride a bicycle in Tokyo?

There are not many pathways dedicated for bicycles in Tokyo, and in many cases, you will be cycling on the roadway.

In most places around the world, it is normal for automobiles to travel on the right-hand side, but in Tokyo, they travel on the left. Bicycles are treated as a motor vehicle and need to travel on roadways, and as for the direction of advancement, it is a rule that they travel on the left side of the road on the left.

When riding bicycles on roadways in a group, always make sure to cycle on the left side of the road on the left in single file. For example, if you cycle on a road in double file, you will obstruct cars, and you will be horned at and incur the anger of others.

Also, it is a general rule to get off your bicycle and push it while walking on pedestrian walkways. The troubling truth is that many Japanese people do not follow this rule as well, but this is how the rule is here.

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