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Bicycle Rental & Delivery Procedure Flow

Step 1
Reservations can be made from online. If you any question, feel free to ask us from inquiry form.
Step 2
We deliver your bicycle to the parking area near/in your accomodation.
Step 3
Enjoy your ride around TOKYO.
Step 4
Return your bicycle at the same parking area where you picked up your bicycle.

Bicycle Rental & Delivery Fee

■Per Day / Per Person
Bicycles Per Day
Sport Bicycle
(Tax-included Price)
*The bike, guide system, Delivery Service, Frame bag or Saddle bag, Lights, Locks, Insurance, Road Assistant Service are included in the Rental fee.
*Act on specified commercial transactions

Rates for Options

Options Per Day
Smart Phone Holder
Portable Power Bank
(Tax-included Price)

Guide System

TOKYO CYCLING® allows you to move freely by our guide System. So you don't have to worry about parking area during the sightseeing and won't get lost.
Because Tokyo is strict about abandoned bicycles, the guide system will basically guide visitors to where they can park.

Insurance & Road Assistant Service

Our bicycles are insured by BiSPA Business.
BiSPA Business provides road service with insurance, so you can make safe riding experience.
BiSPA Cycle Liability insurance
Personal and property damage liability coverage Up to 200 million yen
Litigation correspondence expense Up to 10 million yen
Initial correspondence expense Up to 10 million yen
Injured person's medical expense Up to 500,000 yen per person
Bicycle Injury Insurance
Covers riders's injury while riding the bicycle.
Death / Residual Disability insurance 8 million yen
*Death or residual disability caused by injury.
Hospitalization insurance 4,000 yen per day
*Hospitalized due to injury.
Hospital insurance 2,000 yen per day
*Visits to hospital due to injury.
Consolatory payment for injuries despite wearing a helmet
Injuries resulted in over 10 days of hospitalization or death.
Consolatory payment 100,000 yen
2.Road Assistant Service
The service is available with just 1 phone call.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year. After your phone call, BiSPA provide road service to help you on the road.

If you can no longer ride your bicycle, call BiSPA and they pick you up at the site where you get trouble and give you a ride to the location where you designate.(Up to 40Km)
for example
・Flat tire
・brake or chain trouble
・Frame or wheel damage