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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Do I need to make a reservation?

You need to make a reservation online in advance. The reservation will be accepted 3 months in advance.Reservations must be made a day in advance.

Q.How do I Pay for the bike rental fee?

At the time of reservation, Credit Cards are accepted.
*About Cancellation Fee
A cancellation fee based on separately stipulated cancellation policies will be charged for any cancellations made after the two days prior to the reservation.
*About Late Fee
You will be charged late fee if you return bicycle after return time. It is 500 yen per 30 minutes after the time. Please pay the late fee in cash at the return location.

Q.What is included in the bicycle rental fee?

The Bike, Delivery service, Guide system, Frame bag or Saddle bag, Lights, Locks, Insurance, Road Assistant Service are included in the bicycle rental fee.

Q.How can I park my bicycle during the rental period ?

During the rental period, use a hotel bicycle parking lot or public bicycle parking lot that we recommend for overnight parking.
To see if you can use the hotel bicycle parking lot, ask the hotel.
If you cannot use the hotel bicycle parking lot, be sure to use a public bicycle parking lot. The parking fee is usually ¥100 for parking the bicycle for 6 to 12 hours.
If you do not use a public bicycle parking lot overnight, the bicycle might be taken away by the authorities. If this happens, you will have to retrieve the bicycle.

Q.What is my bicycle or parts of it become damaged during the rental period?

Please transport it to our shop using a Road assistance service if traveling is not possible.
We will check damage to parts upon return. If there is damage, we will charge you at cost price for parts or for the entire bicycle. Please take care when riding it.

Q.What kind of outfits should we wear?

We advise you to wear something comfortable and sporty so that you can move your body easily.

Q.What Type of bicycle do you provide?

Sport Bicycle
Height Range:150cm~195cm/4'9"~6'4"
Sport bicycles offers the comfort of an upright riding position with flat handlebars and often a wider seat.
Suitable for beginners.

Q.Can I see traffic safety guideline in japan?

You can check it from the National Police Agency's website.
Traffic Safety Guidelines for pedestrians and cyclists.

*The following rules are quotations from the guidelines.
Five rules to follow to ensure safety when riding a bicycle
Rule1:In principle,cyclists should ride on the street and use sidewalk only in exceptional cases.
Rule2:Cyclists should ride on the left side of street.
Rule3:Cyclists must reduce speed on sidewalks and give pedestrians the right of way.
Rule4:Cyclists must obey safety rules.
Rule5:Children must wear a bycicle helmet.